A-Arm Guards – Cheaper Than a CV Axle

What are A Arm Guards and why do you need them?

Obviously, this article is about CV boot guards. They also go by the names a-arm guards, brush beaters, stick stoppers etc. All the same thing, just different names. Whatever you wish to call them, they can save you a ton of headaches.
The rubber boot at the wheel end of your axle is the CV boot. A stick, heavy brush or some properly thrown stones via the tires will tear one with ease. Inside the boot/s (each driven wheel has one) are some ball bearings in their carriers which are encased in some of the nastiest grease known to all mankind. One little tear in the CV boot and the ball bearings days are numbered. A trip through the woods or across the creek with a torn or ripped boot and you can just about guarantee they’re toast. One grain of sand will completely ruin your day in the wilderness. If you get a cyclic ticking noise when you’re moving or turning, well then they’re already gone.

ricochet-a-arm-guard-for-polaris-rangerCV boot / A-Arm guards mount to your lower a-arms and for the most part installation is a cinch. 3 or 4 P clamps on each one is the general mounting style. A good pair of boot guards will also have some drain holes cut in them for easy cleaning as you don’t want a bunch of mud etc. building up around the boots. Generally speaking a set of 4 will set you back just shy of the $200.00 figure. About the price of just one axle minus the labor to swap one out if you aren’t your own mechanic. For the price of one axle, you can protect all 4 on your vehicle!

Aftermarket boot guards are generally made of steel or aluminum. The boot guards that may be on your stock machine aren’t really worth much if they are the plastic type. Their coverage is minimal and their strength is pretty poor as well. Personally we prefer aluminum as these guys live in a pretty tough environment and steel will just wind up rusting no matter how well the paint or powdercoating was applied.

So if you and your UTV are blazing new trails or if you live where the mesquite grows you may want to invest in a set of these. They really are cheap insurance. Here at WhoMoto we carry several different brands such as EMP but highly recommend the A Arm guards made by Ricochet Offroad. To find the specific set for your vehicle, simply head over to WhoMoto.com, navigate to your specific vehicle, then click on the body protection sub category. We offer CV boot guards your Polaris Ranger, Yamaha Viking, Honda Pioneer, and more!


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