Top 10 Must Have Side by Side Accessories – Part 1

Check out WhoMoto‘s list of the top 10 must haves for your UTV/Side by Side! These are in no particular order and all products mentioned are available to buy right here at Check out part 2 here!

  1. Quality Roof
  2. Front Window
  3. Rear Window
  4. LED Light Bar
  5. A Arm/CV Joint Guards

Number 1: A Quality Roof

A high quality roof for your UTV can go a long way in making your rides more comfortable. We recommend staying away from plastic and two piece roofs for many reasons. We get several calls every week from side by side owners who have purchased a plastic roof, only for it to blow off while being trailered home from the dealership the same day they bought it. Along with not being recommended for trailering, they also aren’t as strong as their metal counterparts. A well built UTV roof can hold hundreds of pounds without a problem.


Another side by side top style we recommend staying away from are two piece roofs. The seals joining the the pieces hold up well for the first several months of ownership, but quickly fall apart leaking rain into the cab.

Here at WhoMoto, all of our roofs are one piece and constructed of sturdy 1/8 inch aluminum. They are also finished with a durable, clean, powder coat that will extend the lifetime and sturdiness of your UTV top.

Ranger RoofsKawasaki RoofsYamaha Roofs
Check out to see what other side by sides we have tops for!

Number 2: Front Window

polaris-ranger-front-windowA front window can help enormously during cold months with wind chill and during the rainy season to add more rain protection than just a roof. There are two main materials of front windows to choose from: glass or plastic; and 3 different styles: fixed, folding, or tip out.

Window Material: What material of front window you want can vary great depending on your desired uses. If you would like to use a wiper system, than glass is a must. No acrylic/plastic window, surface hardened or not, can withstand the abuse of a wiper. Small sand and dirt particles trapped between the wiper and window will create large scratches and gouges within two to three uses.

If you aren’t interested in a wiper, we highly recommend a surface hardened poly window. Surface hardened poly (such as Lexan MR-10) is much more scratch resistant than traditional poly while riding on trails mean your going to be heading through thick branches. Glass is much more susceptible to being shattered than acrylic, check out the chart below illustrating this:


Window Style: As for what style of window you want, you generally choose between fixed, folding, and tip out.

  • Fixed: Simple, usually the cheapest option. If you just need something to keep the wind and rain off your face, this is it.
  • Folding: Just like a golf cart window, these fold down about half way down the window. If you live in an area that can get very warm, laying the top half down can make a world of difference for comfort during the summer months.
  • Tip Out: Fulfills the same purpose as a folding window, allowing more air into the cab when desired, just in a different way carries all of the above styles of windows mentioned, with glass or surface hardened poly options. If you still aren’t sure on what is best for you, give us a call at 352-639-0849!

Number 3: Rear Window

Due to the laws of physics, if you get a front window, a rear window is a must. If you only have a front window, this can cause TONS of dust and small debris to fly into the cab; just like how leaves in the bed of a pick up truck will fly inside if you open the rear window. Rear windows come in a wide range of materials and styles. WhoMoto offers fixed and roll up vinyl rear windows made by us, along with glass rear windows made by Wide Open Company. Navigate to your vehicle in our shop and see what we have to offer.

Number 4: LED Light Bars

If you plan on using your Polaris Ranger or other side by side at night, a quality LED light bar can go a long way! They come in a variety of sizes, from small 4 inch pods up to massive 50 inch beasts, that suit just about anybody’s needs.

Small LED pods or worklights can be placed on the corners of your UTVs roll cage or in a traditional fog light locations to give just that extra bit of vision. The larger 40 and 50 inch light bars can placed on the front and rear of your side by side, easily outshining the stock head lights, turning night into day.

WhoMoto carries a variety of sizes and styles of LED light bars, all industry proven to be of the highest quality and brightness. Click here to see what your options are for lighting up where ever you may be.

Number 5: A Arm/CV Joint Guards

ricochet-a-arm-guard-for-polaris-rangerA arm guards for your Ranger or other UTV are more of an investment than creature comfort. These will protect your CV boots from damage due to rocks, sticks, and other debris, at a price MUCH cheaper than replacing an axle! WhoMoto carries CV guards from who we believe to be the best on the market, Ricochet Offroad. They are made of 3/16″ 5052 H-32 aluminum and have the option of being anodized a variety of colors as well! Select your vehicle from and click on the body protection section to see what we have.

To be continued….

Part 2 is out, see what else we think every UTV should have!


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