Not Just Another Bike Meet

This past weekend here in Florida was a busy one for motorcycle enthusiasts. Within a 100 mile radius of the shop, there must have been a dozen meets to choose from. Me? I chose the VJMC (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club) meet in Brooksville on Saturday. The ride there and back was longer than the event ride for me but considering there was everything from old onda SuperHawks to 1964 Ducati 250’s (all in immaculate condition I might add) the group rides can sometimes take awhile, even though they’re only 50 or 60 mile group rides.

CBX sporting a gorgeous set of Denco’s.
1964 Ducati 250 Scrambler. She looked great and sounded even better.

I’ve never been on a VJMC ride before which was a big reason for me choosing it over the other events. It won’t be my last. The level of enthusiasm and professionalism all the riders had was really something to see. These guys and gals really do “ride em, don’t hide em.”